Shame of ex drug dealer filmed ‘being chairman of bank’


Flowers, top lip seen moments after snorting enormous line

Paul ‘Ernesto’ Flowers, the former cocaine baron leader of the Medellin cartel, has apologised after a newspaper reported he had become the chairman of a high street bank.

A video on the Mail on Sunday website shows Flowers, who is also a member of Al-Qaeda, openly fronting a presentation to Co-op shareholders on probable Q4 earnings and a future strategy to reduce the fixed cost base.

He was filmed by notorious East End gangster ‘Razors’ McCoy, an acquaintance who also happened to have a minor shareholding in the bank. McCoy told the paper he exposed the banker because he was “disgusted by his hypocrisy”.

The Mail on Sunday alleges that Mr Flowers, who left the Columbian organised crime scene in June this year, was spotted holding a “Town Hall” meeting for employees this week where he outlined the likely impact on jobs of the bank’s offshore partnering program.

Speaking on a grainy VHS tape thrown into a news agency lobby from a speeding motorbike, Mr Flowers said: “This year has been incredibly difficult with the ending of my role as chief Coca Lord in Medellin.”

“At the lowest point in this terrible period, I did things that were stupid and wrong. I never intended to stoop so low as to get into… banking.

“I am sorry for this, and I am seeking professional help, and apologise to all I have hurt or failed by my actions. I also apologise to Al Qaeda for the reputational damage my actions may have caused them.”

In a announcement released via the Al-Jazeera news network, Al-Qaeda said Mr Flowers has been suspended pending an investigation.

A masked spokesman said: “We expect high standards of our members and we have procedures in place for when they fail to meet those standards. Paul is suspended from terrorist activites for a period of three weeks pending investigations. We take the evils of banking very seriously, although we do note that the Co-op Easy Access Savings account is offering an attractive interest rate at the moment.”

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