Obama defends hiring Rupert Murdoch after Angela Merkel’s phone hacked


President Obama defended hiring Rupert Murdoch as his communications officer after it emerged the US may have been hacking Angela Merkel’s phone.

President Obama had phoned the German Chancellor to discuss the issue and left a message, however she has denied receiving it. But Obama is adamant he left the message on her voicemail.

“I was shocked to hear the message I left her may not have recorded properly so I got Murdoch to check for me” Obama said.

“He confirmed that not only was my message there, but there were also messages from David Cameron, Vladimir Putin, Francois Hollande, a prank call from Nick Clegg and 35 messages from Silvio Berlusconi which will appear in the papers on Sunday.”

Mr Murdoch has issued an apology for the incident, saying that issuing this apology made today “the most humble day of my life, well second most humble day but with less custard pie.”

President Obama is said to be so impressed with Murdoch’s surveillance skills, he is considering putting him in charge of the NSA after Murdoch accused the spying agency’s hacking ability ‘amateurish’.

Speaking of the opportunity, Murdoch said: “The first thing I will do is rename the NSA ‘News from the World’. Then you can expect our agents to not only look at your Facebook updates and read your emails, but also rummage through your bins and hide under your bed.”

“But unlike the NSA, our work will not be secret” Murdoch continued. “We will publish our findings every Sunday in a newspaper format.”


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  1. You know, it wouldn’t surprise me. ;)x

  2. poor merkel. she had to sit through w rubbing her shoulders. awkward!!! and now this idiot listening to her talk with her husband and kids. i hop ethis admin gets all it deserves.