Experts baffled by hotel balcony death falls

The Dizzy Heights Hotel

The Dizzy Heights Hotel

Overseas tourist officials they are baffled by Benidorm Bungee, a syndrome which has caused an increasing number of young holidaymakers to plunge to their death from hotel balconies for no apparent reason.

The syndrome, named after the resort where it first occurred, only seems to affect British tourists, striking them down in the early hours of the morning without warning. Most of its victims are young with no previous balance or health issues.

Stacey Briggs, 21, lost Darren, her boyfriend of two days, to an attack of Benidorm Bungee whilst on holiday in Magaluf in June. “We’d just got back to my hotel room after ending up at that El Tequila Slammer Bar. As I was chucking up, Darren said he would get some air on the balcony and, then, he was gone. It was all so sudden. He didn’t even say goodbye.”

“Benidorm Bungee is a terrible disease,” she continued. “I’m not going abroad again until they get a cure or give vaccinations. It would have ruined my holiday – if I hadn’t met Manuel.”

Unrelated to alcohol

“Why this only afflicts the Brits is most perplexing,” admitted a Spanish tourist official. “We’ve eliminated the obvious causes such as food and we know it’s unrelated to alcohol because the first thing our valued British visitors say when they arrive is that they can ‘hold their drink’. We are wondering if some sort of altitude sickness bought on by exposure to the sun might be to blame.”

As a precaution, hotels in popular sunspots have stopped allocating upper floor rooms to UK tourists which has caused complaints from holidaymakers who had booked balcony apartments with expansive views of the balconies of neighbouring hotels.

Hoteliers have ignored the protests. One local hotel manager said it was quite simple. “Can I trust these people with a balcony room on the 12th floor? The way most of them stagger about, I wouldn’t trust them on the restaurant decking.”

Free drink promotion

As UKIP supporters have started suggesting that the epidemic is simply ‘what you get for holidaying going aboard’, tourist officials are anxious to calm fears of an epidemic. It is hoped that a new promotion promising free drink after midnight will keep bookings up whilst they get to the root of the outbreak.

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