Soy Sauce fish threatened with extinction says WWF

Rare sighting of a shoal of soy sauce fish

Rare sighting of a shoal of soy sauce fish

The World Wide Fund for Nature has announced that the tiny Soy Sauce fish has become an endangered species.

Once common with every sushi meal, the fish has been, ..well … fished to the very edge of extinction according to experts who spent several months trawling the oceans for specimens but failed to catch a single one of the petite bottle nosed fish.

“Only a total ban on fishing can bring any hope of restoring stocks,” said one boffin. “We appreciate that this will have an impact on the Japanese diet especially, but I’m sure they will be able to adapt. Personally, I find salt and vinegar goes really well with cod so it should be fine with sushi.”

The news has been received with horror in Japan, with stories of panic buying in Tokyo and a record price being achieved for one of the salty little fellas on eBay.

Meantime, in what some have described as ‘typically carp bureaucracy’, the European Union has immediately introduced a quota system for the fishing of the Soy Sauce fish with the majority of the fishing rights being awarded to the landlocked Luxembourg.

“Without immediate action,” said an EU statement, “it is feared that the Soy Sauce fish could disappear from the world’s dining tables for ever, going the same way as the extinct Fondue Set and the long lost Giant Wimpy Tomato.”

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