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Protected status sought for Harold Frog Sandwich


Harold Frog Sandwich has ‘spawned’ imitators.

A campaign has been launched in the village of Harold, to seek EC recognition for their traditional frog sandwich.

But Residents of the nearby village of Drone! – regarded by generations of Haroldites as their rivals and inferiors –  insist the snack is a pale imitation of their own signature dish, the marginally bulkier Drone! Toad Panini.

Harold councillor Ron Ronnson dismissed such claims, and called on Drone! to ‘eat up or put up’.

“If anything, Drone! blatantly copied us”, insisted Ronnson. “Those buggers are always trying to cause trouble. They only added the exclamation mark to their name to make the place seem more interesting. But let me tell you: no self-respecting frog would find itself dead being eaten in Drone!.”
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