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PM dismisses Cluedo finding: “It was Reverend Green! In the Larder. With the tax-avoiders”

Fall crucifix, fall!

preaching about the love of money on Sundays and Monday to Friday

David Cameron has defended former Trade Minister Lord Green, who’s behaviour as a boss at ‘The world’s local money laundry’ has been criticised simply because HSBC as a whole were a bunch of corporate chumps.

“Look, Stephen Green only came aboard after a full integrity-vetting from Andy [Coulson]. Then I gave him a fancy title, so he didn’t have to go through all that tiresome ‘being elected’ nonsense. And a job helping businesses to earn money we didn’t have because his previous company helped people to hide money from HMRC. Do I mean HMRC? Or is that HSBC? Oh well.”

The Prime Minister went on “Thieving bastards? No, not at all. And thieving is such a subjective term don’t you think?.”

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