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Toy JFK Assassination Kit launched


It’s all very tasteful

The lucrative JFK-Shooting-50th-Anniversary market looks set to welcome one of the biggest hitters in Harold’s lucrative Toy sector.

Ray Dubbins of ToysR our business explains “Our starter kit includes a presidential limousine, complete with two versions each of JFK,  the First Lady and the other one –‘before’ and ‘after’ – and a Lee Harvey Oswald sniper figure which you could place anywhere; on a bookshelf perhaps.”

Beyond this, the sky’s the limit and encompasses most popular conspiracy theories. “You could get a grassy knoll; a Jack Ruby action-man, with realistic bulge under his jacket; a set of Mafia bosses in a huddle, complete with Capo di tutti capi, and a working Frank Sinatra.” Continue reading

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Russian athlete Yelena Isinbayeva defends Russia’s right to assassinate.


Russian athlete, Yelena Isinbayeva, has created more controversy at the World Championships claiming that the assassination of state enemies on foreign soil is just part of Russian culture, and the rest of the world should just accept it.

“The use of polonium-2-10 to administer radiation directly into a person via a hot drink is just the way we deal with things in Russia” Ms Isinbayeva tols reporters. “If the person happens to be in another country, then so be it, but our traditions should be respected.”

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