Toy JFK Assassination Kit launched


It’s all very tasteful

The lucrative JFK-Shooting-50th-Anniversary market looks set to welcome one of the biggest hitters in Harold’s lucrative Toy sector.

Ray Dubbins of ToysR our business explains “Our starter kit includes a presidential limousine, complete with two versions each of JFK,  the First Lady and the other one –‘before’ and ‘after’ – and a Lee Harvey Oswald sniper figure which you could place anywhere; on a bookshelf perhaps.”

Beyond this, the sky’s the limit and encompasses most popular conspiracy theories. “You could get a grassy knoll; a Jack Ruby action-man, with realistic bulge under his jacket; a set of Mafia bosses in a huddle, complete with Capo di tutti capi, and a working Frank Sinatra.”

For the serious collector, Dubbins will take special orders for a Motorcade, with a full cohort of outrunning secret service agents. One of them even looks a bit like a sweaty Clint Eastwood from ‘In the line of fire’.

“And then we have a Marilyn figure, kneeling down in the rear foot-well” says Dubbins “Oh wait no, that’s the Monica doll from next season’s Clinton set. Sorry, forget I said that.”

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  1. Gratz on the image as well 🙂