Men: ‘It’s been a hundred years now, can you stop banging on about equality’

THREE women on Breakfast TV at the same time? This way madness lies

Men who seldom vote other than on X Factor have said ‘what everyone else is thinking’ which is that we’ve all had enough of women moaning about equality. Apparently.

Broadcast media, newspapers, and the Daily Mail have marked the centenary of some women getting the vote by using mostly women presenters and journalists, highlighting the lack of equality on the other 36,500 days since, give or take the odd leap year.

This has all been too much for local Conservative and former MP for Harold, Spencer Chadwick, who sees himself as a champion for downtrodden men across the country.

“If I wanted to know what women are thinking, I could go into the kitchen and ask the memsahib. I certainly don’t need both Mishal Hussain and Sarah Montague presenting Today on the same day or a whole sofa-full of women on BBC1’s Breakfast programme – not that I watch breakfast-time TV of course.”

“Now they’ve had the vote for a hundred years, it’s about time they stopped banging on about equality” says Chadwick “I’m feminist to my boot-straps – ask any of the fillies at the Leighton Buzzard Hunt. I campaigned for Margaret Thatcher, you can’t say fairer than that.”

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