Jacob Rees-Mogg gate ‘man in white shirt’ hit woman to prevent violence

Worried violence might break out too late for him to get involved

The ‘man in the white shirt’ who hit a woman protester at a Jacob Rees-Mogg speech says he stepped in to protect the MP due to a lack of security.

The man said his reaction was prompted by a lack of security and that he feared for an attack on Mr Rees-Mogg in the wake of Jo Cox’s murder.

”Jo Cox was uppermost in my mind, so an uppercut to a woman seemed like the right response. Sadly I only managed a rather clumsy slap instead. I’m sure Jo would have approved, if only she hadn’t died as a result of a violent assault by a right-wing thug.”

“I was particularly incensed that people were saying words to Jacob Rees-Mogg, some of them in a loud voice. As we know, the lesson of history is that words often lead onto actions and in some cases, violent action.”

“The fact that I punched someone shows my concerns about the lack of security were well-founded. I now hope that the authorities manage to identify me and I suffer the full force of the law. It’s the only language these thugs understand.”

Right, who’s next? Do you want some, mate?”

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