May confirms “difficult decisions” means difficult for someone else

“They’re difficult decisions for you, not for me.” says May

The PM says ensuring she’s not personally hurt by her own decisions is what makes them so difficult to make.

“For example, emergency service cuts might affect me, if applied across the board, as if everyone’s of equal value. I had to make it clear that my protection is their top priority.”

“Also, with my husband being in the money-juggling business, it was crucial to allow weasels to hide their cash overseas, so I didn’t suffer.” said the PM. “It wasn’t easy but tough decisions never are. With the help of Paul Dacre’s relentless focus on benefit claimants though, we used the poor as a smokescreen. Again.”

Mrs May says even the decision to call a general election was a difficult one for the country, which was sick to death of voting “But I’ve found it plain sailing, by only talking to supporters, the BBC, and other friendly journalists.”

“It was also a difficult decision for Amber Rudd to take my place in the leaders’ debate” smiled Mrs May. “Difficult for her, as it was only hours after her father had died, but easy for me. Especially as I got one of my staff to tell her.”

“With me what you see is what you get, which is not very much.”


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