Electorate ‘just teasing’, warns Labour Leader

Having a laugh on Red Nose Day.

Jeremy Corbyn says that while he initially felt a little disappointed with the clobbering Labour took in the Local Elections, he remains totally confident that the people will be right behind him when it comes to the ‘real thing’ on 8 June.

“It’s obvious now that quite a lot of people were having a bit of a laugh on Thursday,” he said.  “There is, of course, such a thing as the rebellious ironic tactical vote.  But when, just by chance, huge chunks of the electorate have the same fun idea at the same time, the result can be a highly misleading picture of the mood of the country.  Fortunately, I can see straight through it.”

“Beneath the facade of not electing Labour Councillors, the support for Labour is growing massively stronger every day,” he said.  “At this rate, Diane’s projection is that we could finish up with more than a thousand MPs, would you believe.”

“Yes, this is definitely a real worry.  Those pesky Tories started this Brexit nonsense, so let them finish it and let them be the ones who go down in history,” he told two supporters in a Spar Minimarket doorway this morning.  “Labour will have nothing to do with it.”

If the level of support continues at current rates, Corbyn says he will have no alternative but to put a moratorium on Party membership applications and start returning donations.

“Voters, please, have a heart, vote Conservative in the General Election and give Labour a break.”

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