Trump signs order reversing Obama’s cellphone contract

Normally charges for autographs, invoice to follow

Donald Trump today held a “historic press conference” as he signed an executive order reversing Barrack Obama’s Verizon cellphone contract set up in October 2016.

Addressing the US media Trump said that Obama’s contract was hugely expensive and accused the former president of using his cellphone to listen to telephone communications of many US leading figures, until it was pointed out by CNN that this was how telephones usually work.

“Unlimited SMS text messages? Terrible decision. Just Terrible.That has to be reversed immediately, no cap on messages at a fixed cost means the huge US workforce who deliver these messages every day are compromised” said the president.

“I’ve already changed the disaster of a choice of toilet paper colour to pure white throughout the building, next week I’m signing the order to reverse the motor insurance that Barrack set up on his family vehicle, Obamacar or something.”

Asked about his own cellphone, Trump proudly stated “I’m going to use my trusty Мобильные ТелеСистемы phone that was given to me by a good friend at no cost to the US taxpayer…”

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