Brexiters oppose Scots having a vote on Scottish independence

“Another prick and a wall”

Brexiters believe the UK voting to leave the EU is nothing like Scotland voting to leave the UK.

“You simply can’t compare people wanting to regain sovereignty with other people wanting to regain their sovereignty. Any fool can see they’re not the same thing at all.” said Jacob Rees-Mogg today.

“The Scots should respect the first independence referendum result, just like I did over the first EU one.”

“Anyway, we Conservatives went on a Domestic Politics Violence course after 2014” he said “and picked up some useful tips, like this one; those facial bruises happened when Scotland walked into Hadrian’s wall.”

Meanwhile, Paul Nuttall plans to capitalise on being a direct descendant of William Wallace when leading a UKIP campaign against independence. “Mel Gibson wanted me to play Great Uncle William in Braveheart, because of the family connection, but I was tied up playing for Celtic Rangers at the time and persuaded him to do it instead.”

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