Jack the bigot-slayer chops down giant arsehole’s beanstalk

Jack Monroe, respecter of war memorials

The Land of Make Believe is awash with that Friday feeling this afternoon as everyone grins themselves stupid over the news that plucky Jack Munroe has taken on an evil giant and won.

The giant, who lives way up in the sky in a nasty castle built by Lord Rothermere, is in the habit of flinging shit randomly down onto the unwary, especially if they happen to have brown skin or compassion for their fellow human beings. Today the giant has been given a hefty slap in the pie which is as pleasing as the one it received in December of last year when it was successfully sued for accusing a Muslim family of having links to extremists.

Previously evicted from the Dark Fortress of Murdoch many are now hoping that the giant will be booted from its current home and set adrift on the sea of social media where its boat of hatred will soon sink amongst the waves.

Jack Munroe is now in the owner of a bag of gold and is advised not to swap it for magic beans.

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