New Hollywood musical Carry On Up The Oscars looks set to be a blockbuster

Wasn’t he in Star Wars?

Damien Chazelle, winner of the 2017 Academy Award for Best Director for his film La La Land, has confirmed he is already working on a new musical.

Carry On Up The Oscars is described as part-comedy, part-tragedy as it retells one of the biggest news stories ever, the Great Academy Awards Cock-Up of 2017.

The plot centres round envelopes getting mixed up, as seen through the eyes of PWC accountant Brian Cullinan and is to be filmed mainly in the wings. Russian agents, posing in a variety of backstage roles such as make-up assistants and coffee waiters, have instructions from Putin to ‘fuck the Oscars’. But while they’re busy swapping envelopes, they’re not aware of the North Korean agents, posing as a catering firm, who are doing exactly the same thing.

Fortunately, the CIA have men everywhere, with Special Forces backup, picking off the foreign agents and putting the results cards back in their correct envelopes. All except one…

Film critics say the film is a sure-fire box-office success and will likely pick up a few Oscars itself next year. But the film has already suffered a major delay. A meeting to finalise the production budget has had to be postponed because the accountants had a mix-up and flew to Pinewood Studios in England by mistake.

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