Theresa May: UK’s “precious union” is nothing like “awful” European Union

PM in discussions with Ruth Davidson

Theresa May says the UK status quo, where people in London dictate to people in Scotland, has absolutely no echoes in the EU status quo, where people in Brussels dictate to people in the UK.

“It’s completely different” said a clearly impatient Mrs May “because the English have been doing it for centuries, whilst the EU has only been doing it for decades.”

Downing Street had flagged up a new Mrs May Scottish charm offensive and during a speech to the Scottish Tory conference, the PM put on her best Churchill voice and intoned “we are four nations, but at heart one people”.

In contrast, Number 10 insiders believe the UK has not yet been belligerent enough, in the lead up to Article 50 negotiations and the PM cranked up the Churchillian rhetoric later in the same speech.

“We may be a small country,” she said “but we’re a great one, too. The country of Shakespeare, Churchill, the Beatles, Sean Connery, Harry Potter. David Beckham’s right foot. David Beckham’s left foot, come to that.”

“And a friend who bullies us is no longer a friend. And since bullies only respond to strength, from now onward” she concluded “I will be prepared to be much stronger. And the EU should be prepared for that.”

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