BBC’s Panorama shows Prison Chaos following death of Grouty

Grouty discusses aspects of the ‘Prison Works’ philosophy

Tonight’s Panorama is set to shock as undercover footage of drug use and lack of control is rampant just 8 weeks after the death of “Mr Big” Grouty.

Standards took a dip in the late 1980’s when hardline warder Mr MacKay was moved to take control of the offshore category A Fraggle Rock following the escape of Sean Connery. However order was soon regained as power swung to Grouty, controlling affairs with old school bribery and unspeakable violence.

Many have also blamed the privatisation of the Prison, being run by Sodexo Justice Services since 2014. A Sodexo whilstleblower told us “They simply pocketed the cash and handed over control to Grouty, along with a few cutbacks like changing porridge to Ready Brek, it was bloody daylight robbery”.

With no more Mr Big, pressure is on for Secretary of State for Justice Liz Truss to set out plans to cut drug use in the prison system, although prisoners are increasingly finding innovative ways to smuggle drugs such as hiding amounts inside bars of soap.

A prison spokeman told us “If we can’t stop simple things like improper use of shower soap, we’re all buggered”.

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