Corbyn calls for cap on coherent policy making


“Blessed are they …who convert their neighbour’s ox, for they shall inhibit their girth …and to them only shall be given– to them only… shall… be… given…”

Jeremy Corbyn has relaunched Labour as an electoral force by calling for an end to coherent policy making and representing the views of Remainers such as, for example, sixty-five per cent of Labour voters.

“Labour now stands for the values of not being wedded to policies and mis-speaking,” he said in a landmark speech. “Let me be perfectly unclear and then let me be so again on the Today programme and again on World at One and maybe even Sky News.”

“Across the board from immigration to wage ratios, or do I mean wage caps, to NHS funding I vow to react swiftly and bewilderingly. I shall flip, I shall flop and make no mistake any and all good ideas will be buried under a layer of ‘what’s the what now?’ which will make both Paul Nuttall and Tim Farron do a little dance of glee.”

“We are Labour, I mean not all of us and maybe Labour is a confronting word to use. Perhaps we’re not. Are we Groot? No we are definitely Labour. Although on the other hand- Let me start again, consider the lilies…”


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