Andrew Lloyd Webber writes show about ‘sticking it to The Man’: Music is dead


Anarchy in the UK brought to you by Baron Lloyd-Webber of Sydmonton and Baron Fellowes of West Stafford

Satan’s little goblin of plagiarism and inanity, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, has finally succeeded in killing music by writing a musical, School of Rock, about the glory of rock and roll with fellow desiccated hulk, the purveyor of cliché and wet dream fodder for the sort of person who’ll  campaign to preserve an old church and to deny entry to the UK to children fleeing a war zone with equal vigor that is Julian Fellowes. 

Music tried to rally however the sustained assault from two multi-millionaire Tory peers  in their late sixties was too much and the glorious source of rebellion, creativity and freedom of expression sadly died ten minutes into the opening night of School of Rock when the irony of children, rehearsed until their performances contain all the spontaneity and feeling of the Glorious Leader’s birthday parade in Pyongyang,  singing about sticking it to The Man to a tune written by a man who flew from New York to London on a private jet specifically to vote in the House of Lords for tax credit cuts for the poorest people in Britain became too much.






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