Protests continue against hungry unemployed steelworkers voting in Trump

trumpA bunch of people who’ve never had to wonder where their next meal is coming from are continuing their protests against President-elect Donald Trump.

The angry protesters gathered in mainly affluent cities to protest against President-elect Trump’s obvious racism after he proposed measures to keep illegal immigrants from crossing the Mexican border and he also questioned the wisdom of trade deals with China. Since President-elect Trump is so obviously and definitely racist, his supporters are obviously and definitely racist too, so the protesters reasoned as they burned a few cars to prove that Love triumphs over Hate.

While the protesters painted them as deplorable racists, some unemployed steelworkers offered a slightly different perspective.

“I’m not a ‘racist’, I’m a ‘foodonthetablist’ – I just want to get a job and feed my family. I’m happy to feed them Mexican, Italian, or Chinese, if that would help” said Steve from Michigan.

Steve’s friend Tom said he also voted for Trump because he was hungry, and though he didn’t really like ethnic food, some of his best friends did like ethnic food, for example Steve.

Unfortunately the protesters didn’t get to hear Steve and Tom’s perspective as they were too busy chanting something about respect and tolerance while spray-painting a shop window with an enormous love heart.

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