Hard-Brexiteers haven’t finished buggering up the UK yet


A whiff of Alan B’stard, do you think?

Deeply unattractive people, of the kind that you’d cross a busy main road to avoid, now think that Voting Leave wasn’t daft enough, and are dead-set on making the process even more bloody awful than it has to be.

Dominic Raab, who wanted another referendum if his Vote Leave side had lost, is now as keen as mustard to make the situation as shitty as possible, as soon as possible, before people who believed what he said wake up and realise what a dog’s dinner it’s all becoming.

Despite never having held a proper job, Raab thinks that “the British are among the worst idlers in the world,” and somehow that the same workforce will absorb the massive financial shock of leaping out of the EU aircraft without a parachute, sometime next Thursday afternoon. Friday morning tops.

It would be inappropriate to criticise a swivel-eyed Tory on the basis of looking like one. But check out this picture of the man.

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