Local teacher is “uniformly disappointing”


Life would be better if we all wore these while about our daily business (maybe not lifeboat crew members)

Clive Morris, Head Teacher at Harold Shining Future Academy and Technology Haven (formerly Harold comprehensive) has been vilified by parents for not sending pupils home for breaching the uniform policy.

Following a flood of stories in popular news publications about teaching staff removing jewellery from pupils and judging their trousers to be too tight, a group of parents gathered outside school to wait for their children to be sent out.

“I know he wasn’t in the right clothes” said one mother, “he was wearing his Pikachu onesie. He’s got Pokemon addiction, so I can’t make him take it off. It’s a proper medical condition, it would be discrimination. But he was kept in school for the whole day, allowed to go to all his classes, and the photographer from the Daily Mail didn’t get a chance to take our special ‘sad face’ picture. I was disgusted.”

Single father Greg Barber agreed. “My Khlôë got her first tattoo over the summer, it’s a minion on the back of her neck, proper tasteful. I made sure her hair was tied up so everyone could see it – which wasn’t easy for me, I’m a single father you know. No-one batted an eyelid, and she ended up fully engaged in double French instead of getting me a spot on the front of the paper. It’s a great way to meet women. Did I mention I’m a single father?”

Harold Shining Future Academy and Technology Haven refused to comment on individual cases, however Mr Morris is known locally for being a maverick who is happy to talk to parents, enjoys working with children and thinks that a good education means more than league table positions.

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