2016 refusing to rule out further bad behaviour


Big sparkly git

An unrepentant 2016 says it may continue being an utter twat-puffin until the very last seconds of December 31st just for the hell of it.

“Am I the worst of the post-war years?” it mused. “Well maybe, although 1984 will always be in with a shout as that’s the year McCartney released the Frog Chorus.”

“I’ve been having a tremendous time, often in conjunction with my dear friend the Grim Reaper, messing things up left, quite literally when it comes to Labour, and right. I’ve taken some of your favourite musicians, comedians and actors and left you chaos, Brexit, and James Corden singing in a car with half-wits. You’re welcome.”

Asked how it could possibly make things any worse before its time is up 2016 simply sat back and grinned.

“Two words,” it said. “President Trump.”

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