‘You voted for this shit, you deal with it’ Cameron tells Britain

See *that* exit? I'm going through it asap

See *that* exit? I’m going through it asap

David Cameron has told Britain that somebody else can deal with all of the shit that will come from leaving the EU, because he is not having it.

“Every economic forecaster said what would happen in the event of a vote to Leave, but you chose to believe Nigel Farage instead.” said Cameron, already packing his Margaret Thatcher memorabilia into a cardboard box.

“Falling stocks, a nosedive for the pound, early warnings of job losses from business, but that’s ok apparently, because you were made vague promises about immigration and the NHS. Well you can deal with it your fucking selves.”

Cameron confirmed that he will move out of Downing Street at the earliest opportunity and use his personal wealth to buy a castle, where he will have the moat widened and filled with crocodiles.

“Have you seen The Walking Dead? It will be something like that, with me tucked up safely inside.”, continued the soon-to-be-ex-PM.

“I just hope that the Waitrose delivery van can make it through the hordes of starving poor to deliver our weekly shop.”

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