Stupid and wrong person refuses to apologise for calling stupid and wrong person ‘stupid and wrong’

Camerump pool their intellectual resources to no avail

Camerump pool their intellectual resources to no avail

David Cameron, the well known intellectual giant and friend of the oppressed, has refused to apologise for calling Donald Trump ‘stupid and wrong’.

Cameron, who thinks the way to fix a financial system plundered by the elites is to take more money off disabled people, said Trump needed to be sent a message that it was wrong to brag about picking on certain groups and to divide society.

“You don’t see the Conservatives shouting from the roof tops about picking on minorities” continued Cameron, who counts Albert Einstein and Mother Teresa as two of his idols.

“We publicly proclaim ‘we are in it together’, then stuff the helpless and weak when we think no one is looking.”

“Oh shit, did I say that out loud, did I get it wrong??? I can’t believe how stupid I am” wailed Cameron.

A Downing Street spokesman later clarified that Cameron had ‘misspoke’, and he apologised for any confusion caused, and he also apologised for calling Mr Trump ‘stupid and wrong’.

The spokesman said the Prime Minister had put the matter behind him, and he wanted to concentrate on the important issues of the day, such as unmasking Jeremy Corbyn as the notorious Zodiac killer.


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