Yeah, that’s what I meant” insists Trump


I’m on THIS side, I couldn’t be clearer

“That’s exactly what Donald Trump meant, that thing you just said. He agrees with you.” explained a Trump spokesman today, following controversial remarks the presidential hopeful made yesterday.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump was already addressing a fresh crowd of morons “I’m on your side, but nobody else is saying it! I’ve always been saying it. Maybe they’re too scared to say it. I’m not scared of that Washington crowd. I’ll say it as much as I like, because you know what? It’s the truth”.

“Whose side am I on?” he asked, cupping his ears to the crowd “Yeah, you bet, YOUR side.”I’m on your side all the way to the White House, because you know what? I don’t have to listen to the big party donors because I got my own money. I can afford to tell the truth, and the truth is, we’re winning!”

In an interview this afternoon, Mr Trump clarified his position “You have to look at the context in which I said what I said. I said it to a whole room full of people I expected to agree with me. I never would’ve said it to people I thought would disagree. I would’ve said something else. Something you agree with.”

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