Not Rolf’s Animal Hospital: The dangers of getting wood

7814203Hello you animal lovers!
I’d like to talk about how dangerous it can be to get wood. Up the rec I saw a client enthusiastically waving his oversized woody about and was dismayed. I advise that we should all play with rubber when relaxing with our pets and choose our play tools carefully. 

45776.tag.1It’s in your pets’ best health interests that you purchase safe and durable items. Assess size and shape carefully. No one likes gagging, now do they? If you pop into Waterloo Road I can demonstrate all sorts of options. We have the biggest Kongs this side of Dunstable.

I know some of you are a little shy about converting from wood to rubber, interestingly it’s Harold’s women who seem to be more receptive. I don’t believe that ‘sticks have changed’ as Ben Fogle mused on live television. Sadly, the answer lies in the smaller back passages and gardens in which our dogs exercise. But it’s important never to stop having fun and to remember that the key to happiness is stimulation and that rubber is cleaner and won’t jar so badly.

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So take care and keep your dogs safe on their walks and above all have fun exploring the possibilities of rubber.

Until next time

Josephine Wiener, you can call me Jo

Partner at Wellington & Partners, Waterloo Road




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