Google launches driverless government in UK

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No hands on the wheel!

After months of testing, tax-avoiding giant Google has launched the first fully-driverless government, in which all the difficult decisions are taken out of the hands of error-prone politicians.

For the first time, actions usually associated with running a country will instead be remotely controlled by Google, meaning a huge reduction in errors such as trying to claim unpaid corporation tax.

“Even the best politician is liable to make mistakes,” explained a Google spokesperson. “And in the worst cases, these errors can result in significant damage to our profits.”

“Now with the driverless government, all the decision making can be left to us, safe in the knowledge that we know what’s best. For us.”

Critics have argued that without the steadying hand of parliament at the wheel, the economy is liable to face a nasty crash, if not a full-on recession.

Google were quick to counter these claims, saying: “We’ve thoroughly tested our tax-avoidance mechanisms in several other economies, and we can assure you that even if in some cases the economy was dented, rest assured we did not suffer any damage whatsoever.”


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