Grim Reaper putting together a bloody brilliant band

Lemme-Bowie-Rickma_2641244aThe Grim Reaper has announced that his project for 2016 is to put together a truly remarkable band in the afterlife.

“I took Lemmy and then thought, hang on, this could be the start of something big so I carried on,” the anthropomorphic personification told us. “After Lemmy for bass I went huge for the front man and got Bowie and now there’s also Dale Griffin on drums and Glenn Frey on lead guitar.”

“A band this awesome needs a hugely charismatic person to introduce them and no one fits the bill like Alan Rickman.”

The Grim Reaper admits to being disappointed by the reaction his plan has had here on earth.

“All I get is people being terribly upset with me for taking their heroes and men who’ve made millions of lives a little bit brighter through their talent,” the Grim Reaper said. “I also keep on being asked if the band’s complete. It does sound good already but 2016’s only nineteen days old. I’m sure I’ll be adding to the line up again soon.”

A petition asking the Grim Reaper to kindly bugger off has so far had 575,653 signatures but he is highly unlikely to care.



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