New toilet you clean once a year sounds like a lot of effort, say teenagers

supertoiletAn “intelligent” toilet that only has to be cleaned once a year sounds like more trouble than it’s worth, teenagers claimed today.

The  Neorest 750H toilet, on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, uses electrolysed water and ultraviolet light to break down bacteria, so the bowl does not have to be cleaned for at least a year.

“That sounds like a real drag to me,” insisted Melanie Delaney, 19, from the English village of Harold today.

“In our house we have a toilet, and I’m pretty certain it’s never been cleaned, like not ever.”

“It never seems to get dirty though, so I can’t see why we’d want one you have to clean every year. And it doesn’t sound like a fun job, anyway.”

A spokesperson for Neorest explained that the revolutionary loo’s ultraviolet light makes it super-hydrophilic – or water-loving, so nothing can stick to it – and also photocatalytic, enabling oxygen ions to break down bacteria and viruses.

“Ours has a little brush next to it in a kind of stand,” explained Melanie’s brother Simon, 17. “But we don’t know how it works, I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.”

“Meh,” added sister Melanie, before lapsing into disinterested grunts.

The Delaneys’ mother Pippa declined to comment, being busy cleaning the loo for the hundredth time today, although she did mutter something unintelligible under her breath which our reporters were unable to catch.


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