Albert Hall team announce discovery of Hitler’s other ball


It’s a monster!

Following German historians’ discovery that Adolf Hitler did indeed only have one ball, a team of testiculologists at the Albert Hall have announced the surprise discovery of the other one.

German historian Peter Fleischmann recently found medical records confirming that Hitler suffered from “right-side cryptorchidism”, but it was some time before anyone realised that this actually meant the hilarious one-ball thing.

Although the fascist leader’s monotesticularity has long been a cause of speculation, leading historians urged against leaping to conclusions.

A. J. P. Taylor, author of Triumph and Testicles, the Origins of the Second World War, argued that the Albert Hall link was far from proven, saying:

“While popular belief has it that the deficient testicle must be found in the Albert Hall, many other equally plausible theories exist.”

“For example, one respectable school of thought maintains that the Albert Hall idea is a red herring, and that research should instead be carried out into the notion that ‘Goering had two but very small’.”

“I have to add that it is my personal belief that Himmler had something similar, while poor old Goebbels had no balls at all, but that would be a question for future researchers to decide.”

A spokesman for the Royal Albert Hall was dismissive of this criticism, pointing out that they were actually in possession of nasty far-right talking bollocks, which they had obviously named “Trump”.

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