‘Much loved’ missing car found 10 years later with skeleton inside

pool car

‘Does anyone mind if I borrow the pool car?’

A car that’s been missing for over 10 years has been found in a pond, with a dead man inside it.

The much-cherished car, a low mileage 1983 Buick Riviera with the desirable landau roof option, had belonged to an elderly man who went missing at around the same time.

“Everyone loved it, the whole family used to talk about how carefully it had been looked after”, said Chuck Brannigan. “I fondly remember sitting in the back with my brothers on long road trips, bickering over which of us would inherit it.”

Chuck and his brothers would phone up the owner of the vehicle regularly, just to check it was OK, and didn’t need anything from the shops. Every christmas they would invite it over, and look up its value in the Kelley Blue Book.

“Then it disappeared”, sighed Chuck. “It was a terrible time. We phoned the police and they agreed that it sounded like a mighty fine automobile. It had factory aircon, and optional rear disc brakes. It was such a loss.”

After the car was spotted in the family pond by a tall neighbour, it was retrieved by the authorities, and a skeleton found in the driver’s seat was taken away for analysis.

“We’re desperate for the body to be identified, it would bring us closure”, said Chuck. “Hopefully, it’ll just be a matter of looking up the chassis number.”

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