Bargain Booze unveil eagerly awaited Christmas advert



Following John Lewis and Sainsbury’s, Bargain Booze have become the latest retailer to unveil their Christmas TV advert.

The UK off licence chain have worked tirelessly on the ad, which aired for the first time at 9.15 last night on Challenge, during the first break in a repeat of a 2011 episode of Pointless.

“At over three minutes long it is a bit of an epic, beginning with a young boy writing his letter to Santa listing out all the stuff he wants for Christmas, while his parents drink cheap cider downstairs.” said Lauren Davidson of the Telegraph, who are compiling all the best adverts from the season.

“The boy then sneaks out of the house as his parents start arguing and while walking through a snow-covered scene he comes across Santa’s sleigh under a bridge, with Santa sat on the floor sobbing into an empty vodka bottle.”

“He cautiously approaches Santa until he is met with a torrent of barely coherent, foul-mouthed abuse which continues for a full minute and a half until he runs home in tears.”

Because of the disturbing content and adult language the ad cannot be shown before 9pm, but, like most Christmas adverts, it does have a moral to the story.

That being if somebody’s had a bit much to drink this Christmas they’re probably best left well alone.

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