Corbyn fails to bayonet Hun in Remembrance Day snub, says Sun

"Gott in Himmel - es ist Jeremy Corbyn"

“Gott in Himmel – es ist Jeremy Corbyn”

The Sun says Jeremy Corbyn has snubbed war veterans by not bayoneting any Germans on Remembrance Day.

In a small backtrack from yesterday, Sun editor Tony Gallagher conceded Mr Corbyn may have done a small nod as he laid a wreath at the Cenotaph, but said it was ‘too little, too late’ and Corbyn should have given the Hun a taste of cold, hard steel.

“We all know Corbyn is anti-war, but is it really too much to ask him to attach a bayonet to a Lee-Enfield rifle and slice through a few German tourists when it would mean so much for the veterans and their families?” said Gallagher.

“Corbyn could have sank a visiting Argentinian yacht, or dropped a small atomic bomb on a sushi shop. It’s small gestures like these that keep Remembrance Day alive.”

Gallagher said if Corbyn and his ilk were ever to seize power, there was a real danger there would be no more wars and therefore no new war dead to remember at Remembrance Day.

“What a kick in the face to veteran’s families not being able to commemorate their loved ones as they would still be alive” screeched Gallagher.

“Jeremy Corbyn is a monster, on a par with that 1940s tyrant Mahatma Gandhi.”

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