Dense fog sees BMW drivers back off to safe distance of seven inches

There's a BMW in there somewhere, he just hadn't got any lights on

There’s a BMW in there somewhere, he just hadn’t got any lights on

Advice to drivers to leave larger spaces between them and the car in front in thick fog has seen some BMWs backing off to up to seven inches from the car ahead of them.

With heavy fog covering much of Britain today, driving conditions have become difficult, but BMW drivers have done their bit by tailgating very, very slightly less aggressively, and leaving a gap big enough for a very small dog to squeeze through.

“I still wanted to get to work quickly but I’d heard on the radio that we should adapt our driving, use appropriate lights and leave a greater distance to the car in front.”, said Paul Bevan, a 5 series driver,

“I couldn’t find any additional lights to use as I have my fog lights on all the time anyway, so I just put my headlights on full beam instead. I did back off slightly from the car in front but I was worried that he then wouldn’t get the hint that I wanted to be driving faster than him, so I sounded my horn continuously for a stretch of three miles on a single track road.”

“Eventually he pulled over to let me pass and gave a cheerful wave to apologise. Well, his hand was moving up and down so I assume he was waving.”

Simon Williams, from the RAC, said: “I genuinely cannot believe that people need us to suggest to them that it might be a good idea not to drive so fast when you can’t see. Are you all complete morons?”



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