Jeremy Cunt tells prudes ‘stop calling me Hunt’

It's 'Cunt' with a 'C' not an 'H'

It’s ‘Cunt’ with a ‘C’ not an ‘H’

Jeremy Cunt says he is sick and tired of immature prudes pretending his last name is ‘Hunt’.

“My last name is ‘Cunt’ and I have always been a ‘Cunt’” said Jeremy Cunt. “To call me ‘Hunt’ is disrespectful to me and it’s disrespectful to my parents Mike and Lyke.”

Mr Cunt said it was the 21st century and just because ‘cunt’ was slang for a vagina and also a strong term of abuse were no reasons for people to shy away from calling him ‘Cunt’.

“No one has a problem saying Ed Balls’ name. You don’t see anyone pretending it’s Halls. So why can’t people just call me a fucking ‘Cunt’? I’ve been a Cunt for 48 years, for fucks sake” said Cunt.

“It’s not just prudes though, I think some people think it is funny to call me ‘Hunt’, they think it will wind me up” remarked Cunt. “But I don’t take the bait.”

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me. Which is lucky as I’d be struggling to find a junior doctor to treat me” said Cunt.

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