‘Deliverance’ remake to be filmed on the Thames


“You certainly have a visually appealing mouth.”

Burt Reynolds fans have complained that a ‘Deliverance’ remake will be ‘too dark’ if it moves from the Cahulawassee River to the Thames.

“I loved the original”, said Harold’s Phil Evans. “But in the new one, the bit where the two dead pigs land their canoe on the banks of Westminster makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.”

“Sure, it’s an isolated community, and you’d expect them to get up to some weird stuff. But in reality, would the inbreds really go that far?”

The film portrays a group of deceased hogs on an adventure to ‘find themselves’, but they end up biting off more than they can chew.

“Although that’s not the worst bit: it also features a musical battle”, said Evans, “between a hopeful dead piglet, and a strange looking, high fore-headed local known only as ‘Dave’.”

“The piglet starts well, playing a ditty by slapping his thighs. But sadly, ‘Dave’ completely misinterprets the challenge to join in with the ‘ham-boning’.”

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