Wreckage of Labour Party found on remote island

CorbynIt is believed that the wreckage washed up on the shores of an Indian Ocean island may belong to the Labour Party which has been missing for several years.

Nothing has been heard from the carrier since it took off with Captain Jeremy Corbyn at the controls. Experts have established that it veered sharply to the left and then disappeared from the radar screens into obscurity.

Even before the disaster questions about the airworthiness of the Labour Party had been raised. These were fully were justified according to former pilot, Neil Kinnock.

“Looking back, it was always a brute to fly,” he recalled. “It would often change direction on a whim, often swerving violently to the left whenever it encountered any turbulence. I count myself lucky to have bailed out when I did.”

In its heyday the Labour Party always flew fully laden with working class travellers for whom it had been designed. However in later years, the Party had become a pale shadow of its former glory, frequently empty and carrying just a few wealthy intellectuals on long haul flights into the wilderness.

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