George Osborne now using n-word in every speech


“I’m going to pop a cap up your bottom.”

George Osborne has dropped the n-word in a string of speeches, after being impressed by Obama’s use of the forbidden term.

A group of school children from Dunstable were the first to hear the chancellor’s latest attempt to talk ‘street’, and roundly condemned him for doing so.

“It’s not a word most kids would dream of using”, said 14-year old Samantha Bacon. “It’s revolting really; a real symbol of past oppression.”

The queen seemed nonplussed when a state dinner was n-bombed by Osborne, but Prince Philip barely batted an eyelid.

“His Highness comes from an older generation”, claimed a palace spokesman. “The n-word is perhaps less offensive to him.”

Despite the controversy, Osborne is now using the n-word in every other sentence.

“Yo, what’s up nanny”, he asked us. “shit dawg, has the nanny walked the dog? Give a nanny a break bro, this nanny has to wipe his own bottom these days, you know.”

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