Black and White Minstrels reappraised as trans-racial trailblazers


Their sacrifice paved the way for a white woman to be promoted to the top of a black organisation.

Indefensible racists the Black and White Minstrels have been praised for their brave promotion of trans-racial awareness.

Once a subject that was as much non-existent as it was controversial, trans-racial issues were given a voice by white men who blacked up and sang songs that made light of slavery.

The group of pioneers were the first to reject the burden placed on them by a thousand years of privileged chance genetics, and model themselves instead on Uncle Ben’s rice packets.

“Of course, we made a little money out of the white man”, said Dai Francis. “But we never forgot to forget our roots.”

The smiling revolutionary went to extraordinary lengths to fight for whites-who-pretend-to-be-black rights.

Sadly, trans-racial realignment procedures were in their infancy in those days, and ‘Black Francis’ now regrets undergoing the operation.

“They gave me a perm and stuck a bone through my nose”, revealed Francis. “I looked even more ridiculous than Michael Jackson.”

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