Curse of Nirvana strikes again?


Is this image proof of ‘The Curse of Nirvana’?

In April 1994, Kurt Cobain was killed in a freak accident while cleaning his machine gun during a leisurely breakfast.

Some had hoped this would begin and end the notorious ‘Curse of Nirvana’, but chillingly, it was not to be.

Now, just 24 short years (and 2 months or so) later to the day, Jeff Grohl has broken his leg.

In a freak accident, probably linked to The Curse, James Grohl fell gravity-wise from the podium we all put him upon, and broke his bone.

Mike Grohl has a medical condition, which means he’s not supposed to shatter his legs. Perhaps the Curse was aware of this mystery weakness? Was it coincidence? Definitely not.

Krist Novoselic, Nirvana’s eponymous other musician, hasn’t been heard of for several years. Although to be fair, he isn’t that famous. Could he be next?

Jeremy Grohl doesn’t rule it out. “who the f–k are you?” he told us, “why the f–k are you in my ambulance? Are any of you f–kers even doctors?”

Questions such as these still surround this mystery.

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