Health and safety course postponed over concerns of training manual weight

trainingA Harold Council health and safety training course due to be held on Monday has been postponed following concerns about the weight of the training folder.

The updated folders were delivered to the council offices on Friday, but due to their now excessive weight they have been left on the floor, surrounded by highly visible tape, a warning sign, and a copy of the council’s public liability insurance certificate.

“The delivery driver romantically dropped off the training material on bended knee, with a straight back, and arms at shoulder length,” Joan Willis, the council’s health and safety officer said. “It was text book manual handling. Well at least we think it was.

“Sadly we can’t be sure as the amount of health and safety rules we now need to follow means the health and safety training manual is too heavy for anyone to move and check.”

Cutbacks in the local authority budgets mean having the recommended two people to carry out the task of moving such a weighty object is too costly.

“Once we have a supervisor in hi-viz watching over things, two administrators checking correct procedures are followed, a health and safety auditor rating the work completed and four accountants to accurately cost the job, you only have one person left to move the load,” Ms Willis continued.

She did however reassure us that the training has only been postponed for a week while the job of moving the health and safety training folders is put out to tender.

“We care greatly about the wellbeing of every member of council staff we employ” a council HR spokesperson said.

“However, when it come to the agency staff that will be employed to do the job, we couldn’t give two shits as long as they’re cheap.”

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