Iain Duncan Smith to be the new voice of Mr Burns


“You’re asking for benefits? Smithers, release the hounds.”

Fears that actor Harry Shearer’s departure from The Simpsons could mean the end of the show have been dispelled following the casting of Iain Duncan Smith as Mr Burns.

“We’re just delighted that Iain’s agreed to come on board,” said Simpson’s creator Matt Groening. “We thought we’d never be able to find someone to convey Mr Burn’s sociopathy as convincingly as Harry did but this IDS guy is even better! We had him read a scene about using the poor for fuel, and sanctioning benefits claimants who use two slices of bread to make a sandwich when one will do, and he knocked it out of the park. The script was ridiculous however he made it sound chillingly real and at the end thanked us for the great ideas. That’s your quirky British humour, right?”

Critics have said that Harry Shearer’s decision to leave The Simpsons should bring about the end of the show which they say has outstayed its welcome having declined hugely in quality since its far-off glory days. An accusation Groening was quick to refute.

“Are you kidding me? If something as hackneyed and depressing as the Tory party can run for five more years so can we.”

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