BBC ‘Slow TV’ week continues with election coverage


All participants are experts in veneers.

Tonight on BBC 4, the surprise hit ‘Slow TV’ will reach its climax with 13 hours of uninterrupted election coverage*.

Watch as five well-oiled, semi-skilled bodgers attempt to assemble a cabinet.

Going against the grain, the group uses techniques that seem to defy progress. Marvel as they tirelessly attempt to stuff a dovetail into a butt joint.

Whether they fret, cope or just mill about, you can be sure they’ll give it their awl. Then at around 2.30am, watch them perform a slow-motion car crash.

Please note, if you plan to watch this on iPlayer, the fast-forward button has been disabled. To find out what happens, you’ll have to watch for the full five years like everyone else.

*Contains some Scottish scenes that viewers in the south may find disturbing.

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