Shopper who saved over £1,000,000 at clothing and shoe sales bemused by bankruptcy

Dress saleA local stylist is distraught she has been made bankrupt despite holding clothing and shoe receipts showing she has saved over £1,000,000 in 5 short years.

“I just don’t understand” said 25 year old Sheree Evans. “We are told to save and I’ve spent many hours each week doing just that, buying clothing and shoes that were as much as 95% off. I’ve sought out last season’s fashions, as that’s where you make the biggest savings, even though obviously I wasn’t going to wear the stuff.”

Ms Evans, who has 293 pairs of shoes and 400 dresses amongst her huge clothing collection, says her savings zeal is so great she slept in her wardrobe as the rest of her bedroom was used to store her purchases.

Sheree said she was short of cash when her landlord came round as she had just visited a Dunstable shoe shop closing down sale. “I don’t normally dip into my savings but I thought ‘I’ll show you’ as I handed him a receipt clearly stating ‘congratulations, you’ve saved £1,000’. But he just looked at me and said he’d prefer cash. He’s either a tax evader or simply jealous of how much I’ve saved.”

Evans planned to get her bankruptcy annulled, and she said she would show the Court every last one of her 5,000 receipts to prove her £1,000,000 of savings.

“I bought a wheelbarrow to take all the receipts down, it was 90% off and I saved £150 so I’m well on my way to my second millon” beamed Evans.

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