Government to do radical Islam a favour and erase freedom


Wonder what they’re all thinking? Dave knows

David Cameron has announced that his government are set to do radical Islam a solid and limit everyone’s right to privacy and freedom. “The powers that I believe we need,” he said, “whether on communications data, or on the content of communications – I am very comfortable those are absolutely right for a modern, liberal democracy. A modern, liberal democracy in which security services read everything, listen to everything and watch everyone. If that’s not the definition of a free society well then maybe I don’t know what one is.”

As those in opposition to the government and security services getting all up in everyone’s grill 24/7/365 gave voice to their concerns and reached for their tin foil hats the Prime Minister said that he couldn’t see what the problem was.

“All we’re asking is that the population of the UK sit still and naked in see-through houses making no noise and not using their phones or the internet. I’m sure everyone who is on the side of good will agree that this is a small price to pay for freedom.”

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