The 50 most irritating people of 2014: The Top 20

Top 3This is it, the top 20 of our top 50 most irritating people of 2014.

Is that a drum roll we can hear in the distance, or perhaps a fanfare in honour of our No.1?

This list has been lovingly created after weeks of irritable evaluation. Several late bids have been made, but the standard this year is very high, so the person who shook their popcorn behind me continually at the cinema last night has still only reached No.72, just above the creators of Frozen.

20  People who wear Christmas jumpers and look really pleased with themselves.

19  People who announce when they’re off to the toilet …. and report back once their mission has been accomplished

18  Drivers who never dip their headlights

17  Radio phone-in callers. We don’t care what you think, you shouty oddball

16  Anyone in a shop called a ‘Greeter’

1 Cold callers who insist they aren’t trying to sell you anything. Yeah right

14  People who say “in your opinion” in the mistaken belief that it’s a valid counterargument

13  Kate Moss and all her acolytes

12  Socialists who go on skiing holidays. Are they mixing socialist with socialite?

11  People who slump over supermarket trolleys when pushing them

10  People who send you Christmas cards, signed with the names of children who have left home years ago

9    Any skateboarders over the age of 13.

8    People who claim they are making ‘tough decisions’

7    People who pronounce “Nuclear” as “Nuke-u-lar”

6    Colleagues who struggle to work especially to tell you they’ve a stinking cold

5    Prosecco drinkers. It’s just Italian Cava, not Champagne

4    People who start a reply to a question with “So …….. “

3    Russell Brand ……. tosser

2    Celebrity paedophiles (if this was a most hateful list, they’d be the entire Top 20, bastards)

1    The Royal Family (except the corgis). Love them or hate them, you can’t put them down (except the corgis)

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