The 50 most irritating people of 2014: Part II

Robbie Savage. The only table he's ever moved up.

Robbie Savage. The only table he’s ever moved up.

We continue our countdown of the Festive Top 50 with numbers 40 to 31.

Has your (least) favourite featured yet?

There is still time to vote, and votes for Mrs Brown’s Boys will count double if we invoke the Lee Evans rule from 2013.





40     People who have personalised number plates, except PRAT 1

39     Commentators who say “Arsenal beat 10 man Southampton” as if it was unfair. No, they beat 11 man Southampton who just happened to have a player sent off for thuggery or cheating.

38     People who describe something as hilarious. It never is.

37     People who think UKIP have real policies

36     Reporters who say an aeroplane has  a ‘near miss’. I think you will find it had a ‘near hit’

35     OAPs who insist on travelling on buses at peak times

34     People who think being captain of England is like being Prime Minister

33     People who phone in sick to work and do the ‘ill voice’

32     Football pundits – especially Robbie Savage

31     Cold callers. Turn up the heating or put a coat on.



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