‘Disappointment as ‘My Times’ Facebook post ‘just full of chips’


Much too neatly arranged for our tastes. Still fish & chips though!

Local show-off Dave Evans expressed his disappointment in an app that summarised his year as a newspaper, when it turned out to be ‘just full of chips’.

‘I’d seen other ‘My Times’ posts, with pictures of people holding new babies or bragging about a new kitchen, so I immediately thought ‘who wouldn’t like to read about me?’ said Evans.

‘But when it trawled through my life, it summarised my year as a small pile of chips. Not so much as a saveloy, let alone a pickled egg.’

Three of Evans’ friends have so far liked the tragic summary of his life, he revealed. ‘That’s pretty good I suppose. Although two of them are quite fat, and they like any post with a cake in.’

‘Still, I consider Steve Trawlerman to be a thin friend, and he also appreciated the effort. I’ll thank him in person, next time I’m in his chip shop.’

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